Monday, June 1, 2009

First Solar Powered Airship Flight Around the World! (NOT a Blimp!)

SOLAR POWERED air transport is the future!

We have been working towards this goal for three decades. Recent advancements in solar cell technologies is making solar powered flight possible; and several small airplanes are already flying.

However, only large airships have the room needed to carry enough solar cells to create aircraft that can carry large numbers of passengers or cargo. No airplane can do this, simply because they do not have the square foot capacity needed.

The new solar powered airship uses the "turtle" airship design, and is NOT A BLIMP. Our goal is to create a worldwide airship industry; manufacturing and operating large numbers of rigid shelled, fast, amphibious, solar powered airships.

What will it be like to fly in modern solar powered airships?
Airship passengers will enjoy private staterooms with showers, with large picture windows that can be opened for fresh air during flight. Meals are prepared in on-board kitchens and served in fine dining salons. Dance floors Libraries, Internet connections.

Airship flight is silent. There is no "turbulence", or banking as on an airplane. Airship flight is so smooth that the FAA does not require seatbelts. Passengers can walk throughout the airship while in flight, including take-off and landings.

Airships fly at very low altitudes above the surface; allowing passengers the opportunity for the most spectacular aerial sightseeing! And, in many instances, airships will are able to stop in mid-air and silently float above scenic attactions below such as wildlife, whales, volcanos, icebergs, city lights, etc.
We are always pleased to answer questions about our business; and, will be pleased to discuss investment or joint venture opportunities, and we will gladly assist other organizations to create this new form of air transport.

We will build a solar powered airship and fly it around the world.

It will be constructed of high strength aircraft grade aluminum alloy reinforced with carbon fiber composites. The top half of the airship will be covered with thin film photovoltaic cells. Electric power generated by these solar cells will be stored in batteries, or used to drive four electric motor propellors. A back-up system will use a biodiesel powered engine to power a generator to allow the airship to fly during bad weather or at night.

We will investigate the use of JET engines that can burn low cost/low emmisions biodiesel fuels (airplanes cannot use diesel fuel effictively because of the colder temperatures at high altitudes)

JET engines will enable the airships to fly much faster than in the past.

The airship will be a true vertical take off/land craft; and will not need any airport runways or other ground facilities to operate from. The airship will be designed as an amphibious craft, able to land or take off from land or water. It will make several landings in unimproved fields and the middle of the ocean in order to demonstrate these capabilities.

The airship will carry 3-5 persons (pilot and media).
It will measure approximately 125' long x 75' wide and 30' in height.
Cruise speed of the airship is expected to be 80-100 mph.

This promotional demonstration flight will highlight the capabilites of the "turtle" airship design. Contract sales of larger airships will result from positive media exposure to this new form of SOLAR POWERED FLIGHT.

The planned route of the Round-the-World flight will travel eastward from a departure point in the U.S. southwest near the city of Phoenix; and is expected to include stops at these locations:


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